What Is A Moldavite?

Most people who watch TikTok would know what a moldavite might be but don’t have a clue what it is for or seen one. Some do not know what a Moldavite is. We are here to give you information about moldavite. So what is moldavite? Moldavite is a mysterious green glassy stone of cosmic origin which can only be found in the Czech Republic.

It was virtually unknown in the gem world a few decades ago. But now, it has become increasingly more rare, it is sought after around the world. They are far more rare compared to diamonds. These cosmic stones come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and texture. The colour varies from forest green green and golden green, to brown and rare emerald ‘poison’ green.

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The Origin of Moldavite

Moldavite was formed during a celestial event 15 million years ago. A huge asteroid estimated about 1 km in diameterstruck southern Germany and formed what is known today as Ries Crater. This event would have caused an explosion hundreds of times that of Hiroshima, flattening the area for miles around.

Moldavite Mountains

The molten material was ejected into the atmosphere. On the way up, the future moldavite stone underwent intense heat, tension and centrifugal force, creating the initial shapes of discs, spheres and other splash forms. In the final phase, the stones cooled rapidly as they fell to earth, in what is today the Czech Republic.

What are Tektites?

Moldavite belongs to the group of natural glasses called tektites, which are found in several regions around the world. Tektite is taken from the Greek word tektoswhich means molten or fused.

Why is it expensive?

There are several reasons why meteorites are expensive. First, when the crater fell, most of the meteorites existed in sediments from the Miocene to the Pliocene. Most of them are still buried deep in the earth and can only be found in a few areas and the impact of craters. This requires careful and extensive measures to remove it from the soil, which requires a high price.

Second, the meteorites found in these areas generally exist as droplet-shaped particles with a diameter of only a few centimeters. Considering how small they are in their original and natural form, the process of refining Moldova into gems and cutting them into jewelry was skillfully cut into an already small piece of Moldova. Therefore, it is difficult to obtain larger gems, which makes even seemingly small gems quite expensive.

Unfortunately, due to the limited supply of moldavite from the crystals wholesaler, it will  be impossible to naturally form and reappear on the earth, the cost of meteorites has increased due to the limited supply and the needs of those who are more spiritual. Your cure. Attribute. This has led many counterfeiters to try to create a more natural surface on imitations.

Why is Moldavite so popular now?

Moldavite has become popular recently due to its association with aliens and its spiritual and metaphysical healing properties. Many people associate Moldavite with transformative powers, and the fact that it is only found in one area of ​​the planet means that it will eventually be depleted and not mined.

Moldavite purportedly has many benefits in terms of emotional healing powers and physical healing powers. Those who have started to focus more on their chakras have turned to Moldavite gemstones and jewelry to help them:

  • Use as a talisman that might bring good fortune
  • Wear around the chest of the necklace to help with the heart of chakra for love and relationship
  • Align with their heart chakra and their third eye
  • Improve memory and brain balancing qualities

Moldavite Healing Benefit

Moldavite is good for counteracting cynicism and connects even the most world-weary adult with the wonders of the universe. Eliminate doubts, even if the cause is unknown, and alleviate funding concerns by providing solutions that have not been considered before.

Wearing or carrying a moldavite in jewelry can keep its energy in a person’s vibrational field throughout the day, thereby enhancing its influence and increasing beneficial simultaneous events in daily life. Due to the strong vibration of the meteorite, some people may feel dizzy or ungrounded, and may need to gradually adapt to use it.

Moldavite are useful stones for the sons of stars and sensitive souls who are difficult to reincarnate on the earth, unable to adapt to pain and deep emotions. Placed in the heart, Moldavite discovered the reason and purpose of people coming here, and alleviated the “homesickness” of those who did not originate from the earth. Moldavite works very well with other gemstones, especially with the crystallization energy of the quartz varieties. It is one of the twelve Synergy stones, very suitable for making energy tools. Add it to wands, headbands, templates, grids, and other devices to enhance its effects.

It is also a powerful aid for meditation and dreamwork, as well as increasing one’s sensitivity to guide, intuition and telepathy, and the ability to understand messages sent from higher realms.

That is all about moldavites from us. Now we will be sharing with you beautiful moldavite and how much it cost. All these sources are from the moldavite family.

Raw moldavite

This is a 5.3 grams moldavite – museum quality. The dimensions are 26 x 24 x 12 mm. It was found in Chlum, Czech Republic and this small piece cost $172 USD which means in SGD it would cost $233

High Moldavite Quality

This is a 9.9 gram moldavite – museum quality. The dimensions are 32 x 26 x 14 mm. It came from the same place as the previous moldavite. The location is from Chlum, Czech Republic. This cost $321 USD, in SGD would be around $435

Premium Moldavite Quality

These are the smaller pieces, as you can see it weighs less than 10 gram and it could cost as much as $435 Singapore dollars. Now it is time to bring the big ones that weigh more than 20 grams.

This is a 57.5 grams moldavite, it is a special piece where only people who are willing to purchase it as it is a collectible item. It is a museum graded stone. The dimensions are 53 x 46 x 16.7 mm. This moldavite stone is found in Dobrkovska Lhotka – Zatacka, Czech Republic. This beautiful piece cost $8625 USD, in SGD it would be $11 694.

Exquisite Moldavite Supplier

This moldavite weighs about 22.6 grams and is one of the museum graded stones too. This piece appears on a book collection of moldavite. The dimensions are 45.1 x 38.1 x 10 mm. This stone was found at Slave, Czech Republic. This moldavite cost $3400 USD, in SGD it cost  $4600.

Exquisite Moldavite Singapore

These are a few of the raw pieces that we think are very beautiful. It is expensive but it has lots of meaning to it as it is currently rare to find. If you are a collector of moldavite this piece would be suitable for your collection and would be worth the money. For those who are interested or just beginning to collect such crystal pieces like moldavite. You could try by going to a Singapore moldavite wholesaler, they might have something that is cheaper and within your budget compared to what we have shown you. Have fun looking!

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