Name: Moldavite
Country: Czech Republic
Year found: 1787

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Moldavite is a naturally occurring glass, originally found along the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia in 1787. It isusually a dark olive green color but can also occur in muted yellows and browns.Moldavite is believed to be the outer surface of meteorites that fused and melted during entry into our atmosphere. It has a diagnostic pattern of striae and bubbles (elongated, torpedo-shaped) that are unlike man-made glass. It does not contain crystals like those found in volcanic glass or obsidian. Moldavite – a mysterious stone 14.7 million years old, being rumoured to carry fortune to its owner.

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A real treasure from Space & Earth

Moldavite is considered as a very high energy level gemstone, and has been used as talisman & amulet since Stone Age times. People believe that Moldavite is come to help protecting & healing the earth and the people, bringing good fortune & fightingbad evil away. It’s also believed with power of facilitating communication as its origin of bridging the outer Space & our mother Earth. People also believe that it can enhance the powers of other gems & crystals, bringing them to their highest vibration and energy emission. Moldavite is a real treasure from the Space & the Earth.

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