How To Use Crystals In Your Home?


Ever been curious about what crystals are? Are they atoms or colored rocks? How do they work and why do you see people purchasing them?


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Did you know that salt, snow, and graphite in pencils are crystals as well but where do they come from?


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What exactly are crystals?

Crystals develop deep under the earth’s surface is a magma chamber created by a hot point in the mantle, where they crystallize to form small, igneous rocks with a mixture of groundwater and ions precipitate out as natural crystals. Many of the crystals have signature shapes such as cascades of pointed quartz. Professional crystal wholesalers will be able to easily identify the type of crystals. Hence, it can be helpful to ask for their help.


How did they become so popular?

Crystal therapy, which initially gained popularity in the 1970s, has seen a comeback in recent years. They can be manifested at home or bought from crystals supplier. Crystals are thought to have powerful energies that may be used to alter the energy in our environment and inside ourselves. This is said to aid in the manifestation process by some.


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Crystals in Singapore are most often bought for “feng shui” purposes and these crystal supplies in Singapore are mostly imported from other countries all over the world that produce such natural products. Crystals that are most commonly found in Singapore are amethyst and quartz.

Each crystal holds a certain form of energy and meaning to it, depending on the type of crystal you have chosen for yourself, it can mean something significant. The meanings vary and can be very beneficial for one who lacks in a certain area of energy, both physically and emotionally such as self-love, wealth, luck, and happiness.


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Here are some examples of crystals for beginners that you can consider getting yourself one.

Money and Success
Pyrite Pyrite brings prosperity and boosts feelings such as motivation in business and profession.
Citrine Citrine crystals are prominent for wealth and success to generate money with new inspirations and ideas.
Green aventurine This crystal will be beneficial in attracting business or money-making opportunities.


Amethyst An amethyst releases stress and tensions to soothe and calm a person.
Quartz Quartz is known as the best healer amongst the other crystals as it helps to deliver an optimal state of healing.
Obsidian Black obsidian removes energy blockages in the body to improve circulation and its flow.


Dreams and Aspirations
Celestite This crystal can assist you in remembering your dreams, which is beneficial for emotional processing.
Clear quartz Clear quartz helps in clarifying your thoughts on what you want by raising your frequency to match your aspirations.
Iron pyrite This particular crystal helps to eliminate negative emotions that may prevent you from achieving your goals


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Unsure of whether or not to purchase one? How can we purchase them or where can I find them? Fear not as here are some pointers that you can take note of before purchasing or finalizing your chosen crystals:


Crystal suppliers

When buying crystals, think about where they came from. Always ask questions at your local crystal shop or do some research online to find reputable stores or professional crystal wholesalers to clarify where its origins are and if it is real.


Sentimental Value

Every crystal radiates its own energy and when you are attracted to it, you will naturally pick it up. Crystals will connect with their owner and if it feels right, do not hesitate to make a purchase and bring it home to conduct further research if the crystal is unknown to you.


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Cleanse the crystals with herbs, incense or put them under the sun or moonlight on a regular basis if possible. It can help remove the energy the crystal came in contact with such as passers-by when the owner is outside. Crystals are sensitive with every energy it has absorbed.


Clarifying goals

It is important to set goals and intentions with the crystal to specify what area of help one might need especially when encountering difficult situations. Therefore, the need for positive energy is much more essential.


Always having the crystals by the owner’s side

Keeping the crystals around you and bringing them wherever you go would be highly recommended. It can just be as simple as storing them around the house, in the bathroom, living room, and your own personal room. This helps to maximize the energy around the owner.

There are always do’s and don’ts in using a product and in this case, the do’s have been mentioned as seen above but how do we know what we should not do? Below are some important actions that should be avoided at all times.


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Never sleep together with crystals

This is one of the main factors that might influence the energy produced by the crystal. Sleeping with the crystals is not recommended especially if the owner already has low energy. This is due to sleeping with it would drain one’s energy while asleep, resulting in lethargy. It would only be relevant if the crystals are used to help solve sleeping difficulties if one is having trouble with it.


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Never put certain crystals in water

It is really important to note that certain crystals such as blue kyanite or selenite should never be in the water as they will dissolve. Some crystals are formed from aluminum and other minerals that are not suitable to come in contact with water.


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Cleanse but do not overdo it

A common cleansing method would include using sun or moonlight to remove energy from the crystals but never leaving it out for long periods of time. Overheating or too much exposure to sun or moonlight will cause the energy of the crystal to fade and eventually lose its colors.


Borrowing crystals to others

It is never a good idea to borrow or give your crystals to others. Allowing others to hold is fine but giving would not be recommended as the crystal will absorb the person’s energy which may be different from yours. Thus, having them return the crystal to the rightful owner will result in the owner absorbing different energy and it can be unhealthy.


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Immediately cleanse the crystal after someone has touched it to prevent their energy from transferring to you or it would be most recommended to seek advice from crystal wholesalers who have knowledge in that area.


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Constantly remind yourself that crystals produce and receive energy to help your body continue to be in a motivated and working condition hence, it is important to treat your crystals with extra care as their energy revolves around you.


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