Gibeon Meteorite

Name: Gibeon Meteorite
Country: Namibia
Composition: Iron 91%, Nickel 7%, Germanium 0.133ppm, Gallium 0.11ppm, Iridium 1.97ppm

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Gibeon is a meteorite that fell in prehistoric times in Namibia. It was named after the nearest town – Gibeon, Namibia with first found date back to 1836. Gibeon meteorite has excellent metal stability, it is the crystallization effect
of nickel with iron in space with 1 degree Celsius cooling rate per 100 years before entering to Earth. Gibeon has a beautiful crystalline pattern when polished and etched. Some pieces of Gibeon show a twisted and unique pattern which
reveals much about the forces which it entered to Earth. With this signature pattern and a low level of oxidation, the most common use is to make jewelry.

Powers of Meteorites Strength Embodiment

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If Amber symbolizes luck, healthiness and longevity, while Crystal helping people to achieve advantages and bringing us good luck, then, how about
the Meteorite?

Meteorite is regarded as the embodiment of strength — as Samson Agonistes, as Alexander the Great, or as Genghis Khan. Being from the space, Meteorite is often associated to supreme power, strength, bravery and nobleness which can help
fighting back ghost & darkness, or governing army and moving mountains.

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