7 Most Important Things About Moldavite

Did you know that this crystal that you are going to read about is actually thought to have been derived from a meteorite that crashed into Earth 14.8 million years ago?

Meteorite Crystals

Let’s go back to 25,000 BC to the Neolithic people of Eastern Europe where a Moldavite was first discovered!

1) What is Moldavite?

Nicknamed “Stone of Transformation”, Moldavite is classified as a natural glass. It was once thought to be utilized as fertility and fortune amulets, but it was subsequently revealed as arrowheads. Moldavite is said to be the Stone on the Holy Grail, which is the most popular and possibly most debated idea regarding it. It was originally thought to be Emerald, but others had various ideas.

The holy grail was said to be used to heal individuals and entirely refill and revitalize them, according to legend. Moldavite possesses the same qualities as Emerald and has been shown to be equally as valuable throughout history.

More scientifically, Moldavite has a distinctive shape. Theories suggest that it was generated by the heat from a meteorite impact 14.8 million years ago! Wow!

It is also known to be a Tektite, which is a category of impact glasses created by meteorite strikes. You can imagine the different places those pieces have been scattered and how you can find them randomly walking or venturing about.

Fun fact about a Moldavite is that it has a chemical formula:

  • Si02 (+Al203)

On the Mohs scale, Moldavite has a Mohs hardness of

  • 5.5 to 7

The Mohs Hardness Scale is an important and helpful tool for identifying minerals. The hardness of a mineral is determined by scratching it against another substance of known hardness on the Mohs Hardness Scale

2) What determines its price?

Don’t be too shocked when I say Moldavite is actually rarer than Diamonds. Yes! This crystal’s value has increased over time in the last 15 years and is more valuable than a 24K Gold.

It is difficult to get exact figures, however, it has been projected in various places that all of the available Moldavite will have been mined in around 5-10 years (2021-2026).

Moldavite may range in price from:

  • US$70 for a 3-gram chunk to thousands of dollars for larger alternatives, depending on the size and color.
  • Larger Moldavite specimens weighing more than 20 grams and exhibiting exceptional qualities go into a distinct pricing group.

If you are purchasing Moldavite over 10 grams, the price will definitely cost between $150 to $200 and above. Do check with your local crystals wholesaler before purchasing!

3) Does moldavite change color over time?

Moldavites will degrade and finally disintegrate if submerged in water. It is critical that you do not submerge it in water and that you keep it clear of hits, abrasions, and other factors that might hasten its degradation.

Precious Stones and Crystals

It is unlikely to fade or change color if you leave it alone, wear it only occasionally, and carefully store it while not in use. However, others claim that if you use it for spiritual purposes, it will change color somewhat depending on your mood.

4) Where does moldavite come from?

Czech Republic or more specifically, the Bohemian Plateau, where it is being mined today. The entire amount of moldavite on the earth is believed to be 275 tons!

5) How to spot a fake moldavite?

Moldavite is categorized into three grades:

  • high quality, known as museum grade
  • medium quality
  • standard grade

The look of all three classes may be distinguished. The normal grade pieces are generally deeper and more saturated in green color, with closely spaced pitting or weathering on the surface.

Here are some characteristics that can help determine what a fake Moldavite is:


Moldavite’s color is usually a forest green type and it looks similar to dark green glass with jagged edges and surface. They can come in different shades of green and under natural lighting, they can appear black depending on the thickness level.


The approximate price for a 10-gram Moldavite is roughly around USD200 and above and will not sell for only a double-digit figure so next time if you happen to see a 20-gram Moldavite selling for $80, the possibility of it being fake is extremely high.


Moldavite has been discovered in four different nations. Moldavite’s primary reserves are in the Czech Republic, where over 99 percent of the Moldavite is located. Germany, northern Austria, and southwestern Poland are among the other countries.

Czech Republic Prague

  • Moldavite should typically originate from only one country, the Czech Republic.
  • If the Moldavite is mined in a site other than the Czech Republic, or if it is stated as made, it is 100% fake.


Do also take note of suspicious websites such as eBay, Etsy, Aliexpress as these pose a higher risk of crystal wholesalers offering knock-off Moldavites.

Moldavite is small, about 4 grams in weight on average. This is usually about the same weight as a tiny coin. Moldavite weighing more than 20 grams is considered unusual and can cost several hundred dollars, while moldavite weighing more than 40 grams can cost thousands of dollars.

Keep an eye out for crystal wholesalers who offer Moldavite for sale that is too big for the price. Moldavite above 30 grams is seldom sold on the internet, so be cautious if you see it and get advice from an expert if you need it.

For comparison, an Australian ten-cent coin weighs about 5.65 grams and the closest to 4 gramsis a Singapore twenty-cent coin which weighs about 3.85 grams if you plan to buy Moldavite crystals in Singapore.

6) Healing benefits of Moldavite

Moldavite has qualities that aid in defense, self-healing, and even cleaning, in addition to transformation. Moldavites energies are known to be aided by certain stones in a variety of ways.

Herkimer Diamond Rose Quartz
Using a Herkimer Diamond will help and enhance your third eye visual experience.

When these two are combined, the strength is much increased, and it is highly suggested for usage in meditation sessions.

Rose Quartz is advised for self-healing since it helps to open the heart and enable love and light to flow in.

Moldavites’ strength makes it a must-have stone for anybody looking to take the next step in their transformation.

Moldavite is beneficial to the:

  • head chakra
  • third eye chakra
  • heart chakra

It exudes energy, and the warmth it emits is palpable upon first contact. The term Moldavite flush was used to describe this type of warmth. The flush delivers vibrations through the owner’s body, giving them a gentle tingling feeling.

Healing from Crystals

When dealing with Moldavite, it is always a good idea to keep a grounding stone nearby to avoid it becoming too powerful. As you become more accustomed to the stone, the strength will become less overpowering.

7) Why is moldavite so popular?

What makes Moldavite so popular is its widespread use. The Czech Republic has regulated mining because of how it is extracted from the soil, making it more difficult and expensive but also helping to preserve and safeguard the local ecology.

This is probably why it is more difficult to come by right now; Moldavite has gone viral on blogs and TikTok, and everyone is looking for some.

Moldavite has been rising in popularity since it was first revealed to the scientific public by Professor Josef Mayer of Prague University in 1786.

Demand was modest for the first 200 years, limiting largely to the scientific and mineral communities, but in the 1980s, this obscure green “magical” Tektite from what was then Czechoslovakia began showing up on the metaphysical and spiritual stages, commonly referred to collectively as the “New Age.”

Overall, Moldavite is also a fantastic stone to use if you want your other crystals’ vibrations to be amplified. If Moldavite is signaling or calling out to you, it definitely is a sign to find it!

Moldavite is said to have metaphysical capabilities, such as making it easier to connect with higher energies in the universe and inside your higher self if you stare into a more translucent piece of the gemstone while meditating. If you need more information about Moldavites, just make an appointment with us and we can share more! :) We’re an established crystals wholesaler headquartered in Singapore. Here are 5 reasons why you can buy from us!

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