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Crystals is a kind of natural ore with a history of more than millions of years. Growing up in the nature, the crystals has been absorbing infinite anima of Earth and it has been always nourished by the rays of sun, moon and even the stars! Do you know that by buying superior feng shui products in Singapore, you can actually protect yourself against mischief, disease, cultivate vigor, safeguard you family, get better fortunes, invite wealth and even expel evil?!

Sell Only the Best & Most Authentic

The crystals that we sell at East Ocean Crystals are mainly for aesthetic as well as for feng shui reasons. Our feng shui products Singapore carries a lot of weight in Singapore because we sell only the best and most authentic feng shui crystals. We are glad to share with you that we are one of the most reliable and economical crystals wholesaler in Singapore.

We would like to quote Buddha: “In Amitabha stupa, there are seven natural treasures: gold, silver, crystal, pearl, coral, amber and tridacna.” Our feng shui crystals are brilliant, transparent and icy and some of our customers even called our crystals the ‘Million-Year Ice’. It is indeed cold, magnificent, elegant and pure!

If you are contemplating to buy crystals feng shui products in Singapore, we hereby extend our invitation to you by inviting you down to our shop to view our wide array of feng shui crystals. There will be bound to have 1 crystal or feng shui gemstones that suit your liking and budget.

To avoid disappointment, we will suggest that you make an appointment with us. Simply call us at 6842 8178 to arrange for your feng shui gemstones/crystals viewing today!

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