Natural Crystal

Crystal is a kind of natural ore with the history of more than millions of years. Growing up in the nature permanently, it has been absorbing infinite anima of the earth and nourished by rays of sun, moon and stars, so it contains the essence of the universal and is regarded as a superior treasure for protecting against mischief and disease, cultivating vigor, safeguarding family, praying for fortune, inviting wealth, enshrining Buddha and expelling evil.

Crystal is enshrined as a divine treasure in religion and  symnolizing purity, brightness and power.Crystal is also one of the seven treasures to Buddhism and has powerful function for worshipping Buddha. The seven natural treasures: gold, silver, crystal, pearl, coral, amber and tridacna. The natural crystal is so brilliant, transparent and icy that it is called as the Million-Year Ice. It is cold, magnificent, elegant and pure.